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With the Solid State Drives you get up to 50 times disk I/O increase compared to a regular HDD. Get the Fast, Reliable, true SSD virtual server backed by industry leading virtualization platform the VMWare vSphere.

Mouse over desired VPS package tab, choose Operating system, billing period and click the Order now button.

Get the enterprise class SSD VPS
  • Available within minutes with fully automated setup
  • Hosted in a world class data centers in USA and Europe
  • From a hosting company with over 20 years of expertise
  • Branded equipment. Redundant power supplies, ECC RAM, HDD RAID
  • VMware vSphere 6. +20% performance compared to competitors
  • Server emergency access and recovery. Remote OS installation
VPS Hosting within minutes

With multiple operating system installations available, design, develop and deploy your custom, scalable, secure cloud environment within minutes!

To get started select the preconfigured package or build a custom VPS

  • Free, fully automated setup and trial period
  • No additional or hidden fees
  • 60 days full money back guarantee no questions asked
  • Free, unlimited 24/7 support
Host on cutting edge server hardware
  • Dell PowerEdge, IBM xServer, HP and Cisco Servers
  • Fully Customized Hardware Specs
  • Dual Xeon (i7 generation) processors (up to 32 Hyperthreaded cores per server)
  • Fault Tolerant RAID Disk Arrays
  • ECC DRAM and redundant power supplies

Benefits of a SSD VPS

First time users are often amazed at the fact that every press of the keyboard is met with as close to instant response as one could imagine. It is a very visible upgrade from a hard drive system and renders a great deal more enjoyment as well as productivity at the end of the day.

  • Great for Databases. SSD storage is ideal for database driven or read/write intensive applications with higher than normal disk I/O
  • Speed Up Your Boot-Up. SSD knows that «go» means «go». Just turn it on and begin working in less than 30 seconds
  • Zip through File Searches. Remember the last time you attempted a simple e-mail search using a Hard Disk Drive (HDD)? Now imagine crunching that time so it's 5x faster. That's the power of an SSD.
  • Start Applications in Seconds. Need to make a quick ten-second edit before meeting with a client? SSDs load programs such as Adobe Photoshop and PowerPoint more than twice as fast as their HDD counterparts.
  • Cut Downtime by Half. Routine maintenance tasks shouldn't disrupt your work flow. SSD cuts simple tasks such as virus scans by almost 50 percent.